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Welcome to [\H/] Hostile! We are a group of gamers that strive for excellence in multi-player shooters.
We have a strong core of players dedicated to playing together & having some fun. Join the ever Expanding Hostile.
Our Teamspeak 3: hostile-grp.teamspeak3.com:6246
UltraGhostHawkeSomeone kicked me from the clan. I did not leave on my own will. Hope everything is OK.
[\H/] Killingonsightyo trakz i have been good bud
XDreadfulKillerX   registered to [\H/] Hostile
[\H/] Killingonsight   welcome to hostile man
TheSwordWeilder   registered to [\H/] Hostile
[\H/] Killingonsight   welcome to hostile man
TrakzKillingonsight if u are seeing this I want to see if u alrght. havnt seen u in long time - trakz
purplerice@Guahansin sry for the late reply
I have been really busy.
I have sent you a clan request.
Thx for ur interest of the clan :)
Guahansin   registered to [\H/] Hostile
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GuahansinSup guys i was looking for a clan and i came upon yours. im really impressed with everything i see and was wondering if i could join your clan. my IGN is Guahansin.
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[\H/] Killingonsight   hey buddy not sure if your still interested we been down awhile but I come back to grp looking to rebuild the clan man if still interested hit me up bud
UltraGhostHawke   created a new thread Clan Training Sessions? in the General Discussion forum
[\H/] KillingonsightTeamSpeak back up and running guys sorry about that just got home added 3months
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